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Lil Suzy Interview Flashback! La' Entertainment 2004

Years before fans could 'chat' with music artists on twitter or facebook, website message boards were practically the only way fans could connect to artists. Back in 2004, La' Entertainment set up Interactive Artist Interviews.  These interviews were followed by questions from the La' Entertainment message board members and artists would then respond to the fans over a period of time. 

On March 25, 2004, Lil Suzy took part in an exclusive La' Entertainment interview, which was conducted by Kazzeo. The interview was then followed by questions and comments by message board members, which Lil Suzy responded to during the entire month of April 2004.   

Below you'll find a short excerpt of the interview. To read the entire interview, and Lil Suzy's interactions with fans on the message board, you can click here.  Sit back and enjoy this trip down Lil Suzy memory lane!

K: First off, congratulations are in order as you recently became engaged as well as celebrated a birthday.

LS: Thank you so much. I’ve had a pretty exciting year so far.

K: I had a nice discussion with your manager and I have to make sure to hit all the points in this interview. With that in mind, let’s talk first about you being a performer since such a young age. You began performing at age 5. Looking back, do you feel that you may have missed out on any of the regular experiences kids go through while growing up due to your rehearsal / performance schedule?

LS: Oh no. Not at all. I was always in school during the week. And even now, my shows are usually on weekends. If you think about it, I do a lot of club dates and usually the only nights for those are Thursday, Friday, or Saturday nights. So I had a normal life in school. I had all my friends. I did normal teenage girl things. And I did my shows on the weekends. I got see all of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. It’s been pretty fulfilling. I’ve had a great life so far.

K: I know you have a very strong following in Canada. Tell me about the vibe and the energy out there as far as doing shows and appearances. 

LS: Oh I love it. I absolutely love it. I love radio out there. In general, it’s very Dance oriented. Very European influenced. The play a lot of stuff long before we get it here in the U.S. I love that kind of stuff. I also like their kind of Freestyle because, as I said, it’s very European influenced. It’s different than what we have here. As far as the crowds, they are always great. The clubs are gorgeous. They’re huge. They’re unbelievable. I just love it there. 

 (Con't reading at La' Entertainment)
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