Monday, July 27, 2015

Lil Suzy on Her Husband Marc...

My husband of almost 10yrs #mcm this guy!!!!! I can't even.. He is just amazing in so many ways. A true classic gentleman. What attracted me to him, you wonder? We met when I was 16 and he was 19 through a mutual friend. He was calm, quiet and reserved. I dated a couple other boys b4 him. They just wanted to say they were dating "lil Suzy" and be seen with me at my shows. My Marc... Had his own thing going on. Always a hard worker. Doing his own thing. He didn't have the desire, nor the time, to be consumed in my business life. He just wanted ME.. SUZANNE. Never jealous, quietly supportive of all I chose to take on in my life. I may give a wink and accept a compliment here and there lol.... But he knows and I know, there is no one better for me than him. I'm so proud of the successful man he's become, all while giving my children and I a blessed and easy life. We are night and day, personality wise but the main thing, What makes it work? I didn't marry a "fan" ( And I don't mean that in a snotty way) AND Morals! We grew up similarly and share the same morals and beliefs. Being together 10yrs before getting married, you know how you're going to raise your family... You know the plans for the future and what's expected of both partners to make it work. So even though knowing he'll never see this ( he's against social media) 😂😂 I just had to brag about him a little. He's sooo funny. A hands on dad, attentive husband and just all around good guy. He's loved me skinny, chunky, pregnant and huge 3x in 5 yrs. sad, crabby, overwhelmed, sick... He always makes me feel beautiful. Always makes me feel like I'm enough just the way I am. And when it all comes down to it, his opinion of me and the woman I am, is all that matters. 💖💞Plus he's tall and bald!!! Lol... 😍😍😍

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