Monday, November 15, 2010

Poll #2: What is your favorite Lil Suzy single?

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The Singles:

Take Me In Your Arms
Turn The Beat Around
Promise Me
Now and Forever
When I Fall In Love
Just Can't Get Over You
Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
I Still Love You
You're The Only One
Dance Tonight

Which is your fave?
* Yes, you can vote for more than one song*

(Poll ends May 15, 2011)
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Anonymous said...

Hey Lil' Suzy,
I'm surprised you didn't include the song "Don't Let This Feeling End" on your favorite Lil Suzy single poll. That was the jam we always played on our road trips! (Thank God for the repeat button on the CD player!) That's my all-time favorite song from you! Take care!
Ritche from Chicago

Anonymous said...

My fav song is "take me in your arms"

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