Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Refreshed Myspace Page Anyone?

UPDATE: As of June 27, 2011 Lil Suzy's Mypace page no longer exists. (Read about that here)

You all remember myspace don't you? No? It was that place where everyone visited before facebook took over of the general population. Did we refresh your memories?  Okay. With everyone deleting their myspace pages and heading over to facebook, we posted a quick status inviting all of the myspacers to join Lil Suzy's facebook fan page. As everyone knows, Lil Suzy frequents her facebook fan page on a regular basis and not so much myspace.  But we'll still be updating all things 'Lil Suzy' to myspace, so it will remain open even though everyone is leaving one by one.  

So being that it will remain,  we just updated Lil Suzy's Myspace Page with a new look.  Anyway, you all know that purple is Lil Suzy's favorite color, so the page has all different shades of purple going on and the page itself is a little more organized. Gone are the annoying 'glitter graphics' that took the page forever to load.  It was a mess at first, because we had to figure out how to fix everything due to myspace totally changing, but we did it.  It's more streamlined and easy to navigate. Hope those of you who are still on myspace like it. Hope you're all having a great week!

F and J, webmasters

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