Welcome to Lil Suzy's newly updated Official Website, "Lil Suzy's Paradise". The site has been around since January, 2001 and has changed during the years - having undergone various incarnations and makeovers (not to mention various URL addresses!). But through all of it one thing has always remained the same... the constant love, loyalty and support that Lil Suzy's fan base consistently provided to the site and to the freestyle dance diva herself. The look and feel of the site has once again been revamped, but in a way that we can now bring you the latest in 'everything Lil Suzy'. So, on behalf of Lil Suzy, we welcome you to the New Lil Suzy's Paradise!

Please bookmark our NEW URL address:

Thanks for visiting!
Freddy and John
Lil Suzy's Paradise Webmasters

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