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Lil Suzy Interview Flashback! Lil Suzy's Paradise 2002

An all new interview with Lil Suzy is on its way, but in the meantime, enjoy this little interview we conducted with her back in the summer of 2002.

August, 2002

LSP: Hi Suzanne! First off, we would like to thank you for your compliments on your site. We are so glad you like it. What is your favorite thing about the site?

Lil Suzy: I love the pictures! I’m a picture person. I love to see what people wear, how their hair is. Stuff like that.

LSP: Who has been your greatest supporter during the last ten years?

Lil Suzy: Besides my parents and road manager, Latif? Hmm…That’s hard to say. My fans have been very loyal. I can tell by record sales, frequent shows and packed venues.

LSP: You’ve been making records for over ten years, do you feel any different towards the music industry now as to when you first started?

Lil Suzy: It gets harder every year. Music changes so much and it's hard to keep my sound new and up to date and try to please my fans from when I first started. For some reason, with Freestyle music, it’s like a catastrophe if we try to venture out a bit and see what other styles we are capable of and crossing over. What people fail to realize is that, let’s say I come out with something a bit more pop influenced…I will keep freestyle songs on my album and it can help the music expand to a new fan base of people who don’t know what freestyle is. Understand? It’s hard to explain.

LSP: How do you feel about the promotion of Freestyle and Dance music?

Lil Suzy: It sucks! There is not enough money in smaller labels releasing freestyle, which is a big part of why this music isn’t as bid as it should be. Bigger labels can put out a crappy record and it will explode because you hear so much about it and the artist...Videos, TV commercials, print ads, radio spots, promotional tours…See? I know many artists that sing great and have that star quality about them. We just don’t have the financial backing, I think. Unfortunately, money is a huge part of success in this business.

LSP: What advice would you give to someone who wanted a career in music?

Lil Suzy: It’s very hard. You have to be a strong person to deal with the unstability that comes with the business, along with the critism, many nights away from home, being prejudged socially by people not in the business and so on. Otherwise, I say sing and dance away and you can get further than you think. You need to have a good team behind you and be involved in the decision making also.

LSP: Who are you favorite freestyle or dance artists and why?

Lil Suzy: Of course all the freestyle legends such as George Lamond, TKA, Judy Torres, Cynthia, Angel Clivilles…all of whom I’ve been performing with since I was 8 years old. When my first single came out, “Randy”, I was their opening act at many NYC clubs. I was signed to The Cover Girls and Nayobe’s label, so I did tons of shows with them and learned a lot from watching them. I’ll tell you this…all of these artists are nice people too! We do shows together all around the country and no one has changed. I luv ‘em all.

LSP: Who are your favorite non-freestyle performers of all time and why?

Lil Suzy: Madonna of course! Janet Jackson, ya know! Every singers idols.

LSP: What artists have inspired your sexy image on stage?

Lil Suzy: No one really. I try not to look like everyone else. My mom always helped me. I need her opinion first cause she’s honest. I like to do more of the glam thing. I feel like while I’m on stage, it’s my time to dress sexy. I don’t feel comfy doing the jeans thing that I do everyday of my life for stage. Everyone’s different. I like to think as ‘Lil Suzy’ as my alter ego. She’s fearless, fun and wild. Hahaha.

LSP: Where is your favorite place to perform?

Lil Suzy: Canada, Texas and Cali. Freestyle’s huge in those particular areas. The energy is high and the love is immense.

LSP: How do you feel when you are on stage?

Lil Suzy: I feel happy! I can have the crappiest day and when I hear the crowd singing and clapping, it makes my crappy day worth while.

LSP: In your entire career, did you ever get a case of stage fright?

Lil Suzy: Hmm, I’ve never freaked out and froze or anything. Star Search made me nervous and when I auditiond for the play, “Rent”, I thought I was gonna die! I did real well singing. I made it to the second song, then I hit a part that I forgot and started cracking up laughing. I had to audition with some guy playing the piano and I never did that before so I got nervous and said, “This isn’t me.” I was overwhelemed because the ten women in front of me were asked to leave in like thirty seconds into the song. I was like, “Oh great! I’m gonna last five seconds.” These women all had experience and were used to auditions for other Broadway shows. I felt proud that I made it through the two songs, pretty much.

LSP:When will be releasing another full length album and what type of music will you be recording?

Lil Suzy: My roots will remain freestyle. I love all dance music and will stay in that vein. I’m not sure when though.

LSP: Will we be seeing a Suzanne video for any upcoming singles?

Lil Suzy: I’d love too. It will be a condition in which the new company has to provide with my next deal.

LSP: What producers of any artists in the industry would you like to work with someday?

Lil Suzy: Anyone that I feel meshes mell with my style and vocal capabilities. Established or not. Dark Child is cool. Todd Terry, Jimmy Jam.

LSP: What ever happened to the song, “From the Inside”? Will it be released?

Lil Suzy: I’m very pissed about that single. I don’t know if it will ever be released. It was supposed to be out October 2001, so that tells you that! What a waste of a great record. I had high hopes for it.

LSP: Will “Just a Freak” featuring Stephanie be released anytime soon?

Lil Suzy: There’s another heartache. See what I mean about this business? I hate feeling like I’ve wasted my time. It’s very discouraging.

LSP: Do you enjoy recording duets?

Lil Suzy: It’s okay. I don’t really like recording with other people at the same time. I like it to just be the producer and myself. I need to concentrate and not feel funny if I hit a bad note or am taking too long to finish a verse.

LSP: I f you could perform a duet with any artist in the entire world, who would it be and why?

Lil Suzy: Marc Anthony. His voice, his writing and his passion. That says it all.

LSP: What record company are you currently with?

Lil Suzy: I am unsigned as of now.

LSP: Do you still run Empress Records?

Lil Suzy: Nope. Too much stress. I’m an artist, not a business woman. I’ve closed the salon too. I found out the hard way. Hahaha.

LSP: Of all your songs, which are your all time favorites and which are your absolute worst favorites and why?

Lil Suzy: I will not comment on the ones I hate as not to offend the producers/writers… Hahaha. I’ve loved Till the End of Time, Don’t Let This Feeling End, Real Love, Take Me, Promise Me. Basically anything that Victor Franco produced and wrote. Such a talented man.

LSP: What CD’s by other artists have you currently bought or have been listening to recently?

Lil Suzy: Craig David, Nikelback, Rich Luzzi, Linkin Park, DJ Encore, J.Lo, Ashanti, Marc Anthony.

LSP: Would you ever consider acting? If so, what type of movie would you consider doing?

Lil Suzy: I’d consider it. I’m not comfortable speaking. Hahaha. It’s weird. I’d do a horror flick. I wanna play a vampire so bad…if I had the chance.

LSP: Is it difficult running a business and performing on the road? How do you handle that?

Lil Suzy: I hate it. Too much for my lil head. I need to concentrate on one thing and that’s how it is right now.

LSP: Many male fans would like to know, are you currently dating anyone special?

Lil Suzy: I’ve had a boyfriend for almost seven years! We broke up for a few months while I did the Greatest Hits album. Hence, my inspiration to write those three new songs. He was good for something during our time apart. Hahaha. We lost our way for a bit but true love never dies and will always bring you together… if it’s meant to be.

LSP: What do you do to unwind in your spare time?

Lil Suzy: I love going to movies. I’ve just seen Halloween, Austin Powers and Signs. I love going out and having a few cosmos with the girls and of course spending time with my my boyfriend Marc.

LSP: What are your goals for the next couple of years?

Lil Suzy: Some more albums. Hopefully a top ten single. Marriage, babies. Ahhhh! So much to do do! Hahaha.

LSP: What one thing would you like your fans to know that no one knows?

Lil Suzy: That’s hard. Not many people know about all my tattoos. I have five now and the one on my hip, no one sees. It’s usually covered. It’s a black and turquoise Onk. The egyptian symbol for royalty and eternal life. I have one on my ankle too! My most recent is the fairy on the side of my right ankle.

LSP: What is the craziest of funniest thing a fan has ever said or done to you?

Lil Suzy: I had a female impersonator impersonate me… and “Are your boobs real?” They are. Hahaha.

LSP: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer these nosey questions Hahaha! Keep up the great work and the great music! What last thing would you like to say to your fans?

Lil Suzy: Thank you soooo much. I don’t know what else to say that doesn’t sound like what everyone says to their fans. Just that they help me live my dream. I’ve seen and done so much because of them and I appreciate them. You especially, Freddy and John…I’m honored by this site and your dedication to keeping it beautiful and current.

I wanna give a shout!! Hahaha…To my cousin Josephine who’s been hookin’ up my hair for shows and dealing with me changing the color every week! My sexy poodle Bowie! He’s eight now and he’s the best baby in the world. I love my doggie so much. He’s the one who knows ALL the dirt on me and he’ll never tell! Hahaha. I’m a bit nutty when it comes to him. Too bad he’s so huge or I would take him to venues with me. Hahaha.

Lil Suzy's Paradise 2002

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Lil Suzy Interview Flashback! Lil Suzy's 2004

We are in the process of setting up new questions for a new interview with Lil Suzy. In the meantime, enjoy this little interview we conducted with her back in early 2004. Stay tuned for more interview flashbacks!

January, 2004

LSP: Hi Suzanne, thanks for taking time out from your schedule for another interview. To begin, many fans want to know if will you be releasing an album in 2004?

Lil Suzy: Well guys, I’m working on a great project with two other artists. I can't tell you anymore till its done. Hee,hee,hee. It's a surprise!

LSP: If an album will be released in 2004 or in the future, what can your fans expect from it?

Lil Suzy: I will always incorporate freestyle on my albums. I love dance music and that to me is freestyle, Euro, House and all that other good stuff.

LSP: On your Greatest Hits album you co-wrote the three newer songs (Sweet Lies, So Lonely and Back in Your Arms) which were great, are you writing or co-writing any of your new material?

Lil Suzy: Yes, I will be co-writing more material. I just did one with Adam Marano that is untitled as of now. I like writing. I didn't think I was ever really good, but Adam helps me and he understands my ideas and he knows what I'm trying to express.

LSP: You have a big following with freestyle music fans, do you think they would stick by you if you ever chose to broaden your scope and chose to conquer another type of music genre? (For example, Pop, R and B) Well, we can answer this one for you…if they were true fans they would stick by you!

Lil Suzy: Hey, who knows? Pink did it well. I’m going to do what ever feels right and where you lose some, you gain others.

LSP: If you had the chance to re-record other freestyle songs that were originally sung by other freestyle artists, what songs would they be and why?

Lil Suzy: At this point in time, I wouldn't re-record any freestyle songs. Let's just leave that alone.

LSP: If you had the chance to re-record non-freestyle songs that were originally sung by non-freestyle artists, what songs would they be and why?

Lil Suzy: I cant tell you guys that! Someone might get to it before me! Hahaha. I prefer to sing original material but there are a couple I'd love to do.

LSP: Of all your songs, which is your most personal and why?

Lil Suzy: "So Lonely"… I wrote that when Marc and I were on a short break. I was not a happy camper at that time but at least I got a nice song out of it.

LSP: Being that it’s a New Year, did you make any New Year’s resolutions? If so, have you stuck by them?

Lil Suzy: No resolutions here! I’m not that kinda girl. I cant be held to something that I’m not ready to do. When I’m ready to make a change it just happens and that’s how I know its right.

LSP: What was the highlight of 2003 for you?…Why are we even asking?!…It had to be getting engaged, right?

Lil Suzy: Of course! That had to be one of the most exciting days of my life. It was a complete surprise! We always talked about getting married and we knew we were gonna be together forever but when he put that rock on my finger, it made it reality. Oh, we set the date! It’s October 1st, 2005! WOO HOO! Church on Staten Island and reception on Long Island...and now the planning begins.

LSP: Based on your experiences as a child singer, would you recommend becoming a singer at such an early age to a child who wants to sing?

Lil Suzy: Only if your parents are there to support you and travel with you. My parents didn't trust anyone and traveled with me till I was like nineteen. I asked them to lay off Hahaha. I’ve been with my road manager Latif since I was five and he always traveled with me and my parents so it was a lil easier for mom and dad to let go knowing he was watching over me. I'll be twenty-five soon and I still call my parents before I get on the plane and when I land. Then I call them when I’m done with my show. I’m very close with my parents and I don’t mind checking in.

LSP: Speaking of being a child singer, could you give us some feedback on how it was to perform on Star Search back when you were a little girl?

Lil Suzy: It was great! It was a great experience and I feel lucky that I was chosen to be on the show. I don’t like competition so I wasn’t so mortified or discouraged when I lost. I like to do my own thing. I don’t like to feel pressured and I don’t like being compared to anyone. I don’t compare myself to anyone and I never did. I’m me and I worry about Suzanne and how Suzanne feels in this business. I’m carefree and I take what life gives me and try to make the best of it.

LSP: If you weren’t “Lil Suzy” and you weren’t a singer/performer, what career path do you think you would have taken? (Other than music)

Lil Suzy: Well, I’m actually in school now to become a medical assistant. I like to be occupied and unfortunately singing is a weekend thing. Besides, I don’t think I’m gonna wanna be shaking my booty on stage when I’m older with like four kids. I’m a people person and I think I can make people feel safe and confident when I’m drawing their blood, giving shots and doing EKG's Hahaha. Maybe I’ll go on to become a nurse. I love to learn. I was thinking, I can sing to my patients and do their nails too...Hahaha Oh God! I love animals too. I'd be a vet but I’m allergic to most furry animals. Bowie doesn't shed so I can handle him. There are a few breeds like him. I always donate to the Bide-a-wee foundation for homeless animals. Marc and I want to have lots of hypoallergenic puppies…Hahaha. He’s an animal lover too!

LSP: In your entire music career, is there anything that you have ever regretted or anything that you would have done differently?

Lil Suzy: The cover of my greatest hits...Ugh! I approved the picture but not all the damned airbrushing! I cried! Not my best pic. They changed the shape of my face! It looks like a pie. My eyes are smaller along with my nose and my lips are all pouty. Other than that, I have no regrets. Everything happens for a reason and I have a great life and a nice lil career.

LSP: We know from your last interview with us, that you had once auditioned for the Broadway show “Rent”… Have you any plans to audition for another show?

Lil Suzy: Nope. Its not my bag baby.

LSP: With the popularity of the recent wave of reality TV shows, would you ever consider trying to get on one? Maybe, “A Wedding Story” on the cable channel TLC? That would be great for you and Marc!

Lil Suzy: I probably would if I were asked. It’s not something I would go and look for though. Wedding story! I love it! Marc is sooo shy. He'd kill me. I think he'd melt in front of a camera. He turns bright red! The wedding should be interesting. He’s not into crowds and he’s not used to people staring at him. I do it for a living so I’m used to it. I'm hoping he wont faint at the altar!

LSP: We know that you are always on the road performing at different events, do you prefer to perform at large venues/events or do you prefer to perform in a smaller more intimate setting?

Lil Suzy: The bigger the better. I love the energy.

LSP: Whose music CD’s could we find in your CD player right now?

Lil Suzy: Nikelback, Out Kast, Bad Boy Bill 1 and 2, Planet Freestyle.

LSP: And now for a few silly questions! What’s your favorite color? Favorite food? Favorite time of year? Favorite Movie? Favorite TV show?

Lil Suzy: Purple, I'm addicted to TGI Fridays Jack Daniel's shrimp with mashed potatoes and Oreo madness for dessert. I love the summer! I have many faves... lets see... Every Jim Carrey movie, Babe, Caveman, Old School, Made, Bram Stokers Dracula, all of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. I like Everybody loves Raymond, Autopsy, Emergency Vets, Maternity Ward...stuff like that.

LSP: Thanks Suzanne for answering all of these nosey questions...Hahaha. You’re great. We want to wish you all of the best in 2004. Oh, wait a minute…how can we forget the question that is on all of your fans minds! When is “Bowie” releasing his next album? Hahaha. We heard that he’s going to be interviewed by Barbara Walters! How is Bowie anyway?

Lil Suzy: Bowie isn’t doing any interviews right now. He’s laying low. He has writers block and is just enjoying his time with his Sponge Bob pillow. Hahaha.

Suzanne Shout Outs: Everyone who visits this site.... Of course Freddy and John for being my angels. My new God daughter Victoria and my 1st God daughter Alexus. My cousin Josie my hair girl and (Victoria’s mom), Latif, Angel, Adam Marano, Victor Franco, Elissa, Ben Calcaterra, Tony Monaco, My parents and Brothers and of course my future Husband Marc Melone

Lil Suzy's 2004

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Message From Lil Suzy's Webmasters

Below is a bulletin that we (the webmasters of LSP) posted on Lil Suzy's myspace earlier today. We thought it was fitting for everyone to read, not only her myspace friends but also fans who visit this site as well.

Hi Lil Suzy Fans,
It's great the amount of feedback and comments that Lil Suzy gets when she posts things about her personal life, for example: her new baby, what she's having for dinner, when she is taking a nap etc etc...She can change her status to "Eating chinese" or "Taking a nap" and you'd be surprised how everyone jumps on board and starts discussing that nap! LOL! She really appreciates your interests in her daily life and loves to share that with all of you. But where are the comments about her NEW music? Isn't that why we are all really here on her myspace to support her in her MUSIC? Before "Dance Tonight" was released, everyone would send these comments to her saying that they can't wait for her song to be released etc etc...But now that it is released she'd love to know who is buying her new song, what people think of the new song and any other comments that relate to the new song. So come on folks, let her know, and let's start talking music again especially now that the single is released. She'd love to hear your feedback!! : )

Freddy & John
Lil Suzy's Official Webmasters


The above referenced her myspace page but the same goes for her official site. Comments on this site would be appreciated as well. Let us all know what you think of her new song, this site , the posts etc : )

Thanks guys!
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Fan Reviews/Comments of "Dance Tonight"

Below are recent fan reviews and comments from various sources regarding Lil Suzy's latest single, "Dance Tonight".

You can email us your review and we'll be more than happy to add it to this post! You can also comment using the 'comments' link right below this post, if you prefer. (Be sure to review the the song at iTunes and as well! : )

To email your review include:
"Dance Tonight Review" (in your subject line)
Your review or comment.
Your name and location.

Email us at



Love it!! As always, Suzanne delivers!!
Freddy and John - LSP webmasters, New York (source: la-entertainment messageboard)

This is a great addition to Lil Suzy!!! Her newest recent single!! Great usage of vocals! She's been singing huge hits since the age of 12 and she's still going strong! I luv this song and Lil Suzy! She has a bright future also because of the fact that she is still young! Well all in all, this song warms my heart juts to know that she is still driving forward with her bright career. I hope she will release many more singles as the years go on, as they did back in the day when "Tale me In Your Arms" was the freestyle dance hit of all time! I hope you all agree!
Eli Hernandez (source: itunes)

Still young and explosive. You are a burst of fresh air. Love your new single. Keep on making that fire mama.
Unique Entertainment (source: myspace)

Love, Love, Love Dance Tonight!! As Usual!! Keep doin what u do Mami!!! Can't wait for you to come back to the Detroit area!!! Much luv!!!
Stacey, Detroit, MI (source: myspace)

Amazing! Lil Suzy has done it again! She never fails to make you wanna dance! This is a GREAT track for the summer! Highly recommended to everyone who loves Dance music! If you feel like dancing you have to buy this song!
Johnjohntee, Yonkers, NY (source: itunes)

Hello...hello! How are you? I hope all is well. I did purchase your song "Dance Tonight" on itunes. You did a great job! Keep up the great work! Freestyle Forever!
Always & Forever (source: myspace)

I got it! Sounds Great! Love your Music!
John August "Weekends" on 101.9 The Wolf (source: myspace)

Awesome!! I have been a fan since her first single and with every album or single she releases, she never disappoints and gets better and better!! Believe me, you'll be happy to buy this track! I can't get enough of listening to this song! I got the priviledge to hear it back in March and I loved what I heard and I love it even more now!! Dance fans will not be disappointed! Lil Suzy Rocks!
Freddyjunior, Yonkers, NY (source: itunes)

I so love the new song. Keep doing what you do because you do it well!
Meli D (source: myspace)

I like your new song. It's hot!!!
Julie V (source: myspace)

I bought it and I love it!!!!!!!!Anything you do is amazing!!!! There is not even one song of yours that I dont like.. I like them allll!!!
Kelly Nahra, Michigan (source: myspace)

I really love your new single, and congrats on being a mom again. Hope everything goes well with you. You are a talented and lovely singer. Keep up the great work.
Erin (source: myspace)

Luv the new song!!! It's a hit!!
Mizzz Villa (source: myspace)

I just got dance tonight. I played it more then 10 times. It has a good beat to it. love the words. 1-10, I give it a 100.
Maricely Sanabria (source: myspace)

Love your new single, I can definitely hear that being played in the clubs.
Yudi Delgado (source: myspace)

I'm feeling your new song! That's hot! Keep freestyle alive!
buttarican8, Bronx, New York (source: myspace)

I love your new song!!! There's nothing better than some Lil Suzy!
Nichole, Michigan (source: myspace)

I love it! Thanks!!!
Jeanette Burgos (source: facebook)

I got it and I love it!
Noel Plaza (source: facebook)

Your new song is too cute! Loving it!
PHreestyleGurl, Texas (source: myspace)

I'm lovin' ya new song! U rock! Keep up the good music! Love ya!
Annmarie Ramos, New Jersey (source: myspace)

Just bought it! Was bumping it on my way home!
Ruben Santos (source: facebook)

Holaaaaa!! I have it!! Me encanta tu nuevo tema, Suzy!! Besos desde EspaƱa!!
Alexis, Barcelona, Spain (source: myspace)

Definitely a Great Track!!
Carlos "DJ Eskimo" Perez (source: facebook)

I own all of Lil Suzy's cd's and am very familiarized with her music. This song has freestyle roots and it's very catchy. She's such a fabulous singer. Without a doubt this is one of her best songs.
Cielo, Chicago, IL (source: amazon)

It's mine! The song is wonderful! I've had it on repeat all morning!
Christoffer (source: myspace)

I love the song! I just bought mine today! It's ten times better on full blast!! I love it! I been telling everyone about it!! Best of luck!!
The Liberation Baby (source: myspace)

I finally have your new song DANCE TONIGHT from itunes! Man, I'm loving it!! I hear it every single day! Oh and I have it as my profile song, well it's the sample from your page. I'M LOVING IT!!!
Ivan Salgado (source: myspace)

Just downloaded "Dance Tonight" I love it. When are you coming to perform in Miami? We had the Freestyle Extravaganza here last weekend and you weren't there
Sergcanes (source: youtube)

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Exclusive New Interview Coming Soon!

With the current release of "Dance Tonight" and the upcoming birth of her second child, there is lots to talk about with Lil Suzy! So that just means...INTERVIEW TIME! Yes, an exclusive new interview with Lil Suzy will be coming to 'Lil Suzy's Paradise' very soon!

In the meantime, we will be posting up a couple of old interviews from the past that we found on our old site archives, to tide you over until the new interview is posted! So keep your eyes on 'Lil Suzy's Paradise'!

Freddy & John
LSP webmasters
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Message From Lil Suzy!

Just letting you know that my new song, "Dance Tonight" is now available on itunes and I have over 30,000 friends on my myspace and if you all download and show your love for this music, who knows? You have the power to make this the biggest downloaded song from a freestyle/dance artist! Show your support and LEGALLY download it so I can keep doing what I love and so that you guys can hear new music from all of us and give us the strength to do more concerts and club dates.


Thank you guys!!!

Lil Suzy

P.S. Check out my latest myspace blog and comment! :-)

Click above to purchase!

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Lil Suzy's Latest Myspace Blog!

Lil Suzy has written her latest myspace blog post about the release of her new single,"Dance Tonight". In the post she writes about the need for fans to make an impact when supporting the freestyle music genre and their artists buy buying their music. Great point Suzanne!

Below is a little excerpt of the blog post:

"Well, you've been asking for quite some time now for new music from me. I did it!!!! It's called "DANCE TONIGHT"! It is now available on itunes and for digital download.You all say how upset it makes you feel that freestyle music and artists aren't as popular or as respected as pop artists. Here is a chance to make an impact on the music we all say we love and miss. We need to LEGALLY download and buy the music of the artists we love, so that it will chart and show people that we are still here and that there is still a market for this music."

CLICK HERE to read the full post.

Click image above to purchase "Dance Tonight" at iTunes!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You Too Can Be Part of Lil Suzy's "Dance Tonight" Promo Team!

Because the release date of "Dance Tonight" was pushed up to May, there might be some confusion as to some fans still thinking that the original release date is June 18th (as was originally planned and promoted). But you can help spread the word that Lil Suzy's new single has been officially released and is ready for fans to purchase and enjoy NOW!

Below you will find all the images you need to help promote the release of the single on your myspace, blog or other website. Click on the promo images to enlarge, save to your computer and upload them to your site of choice. You can add them to your profile, send them as comments or email them to friends. So come on, let's get everyone to "Dance Tonight" this summer!

Click images to enlarge and save.
Thanks for spreading the word!
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That's right folks! Get ready to dance tonight! Lil Suzy's hot new digital single, "DANCE TONIGHT" has been officially released! There is now no need to wait till June as the release was pushed up to May! You can purchase the single on iTUNES and other digital release retailers such as! So what are you waiting for? Go show your love and support for Lil Suzy and BUY YOUR COPY NOW!


Click Here for!

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"Little" Suzy Club Performance Flyers from 1985!

Check out these rare vintage club flyers from 1985 showcasing 6 year old "Little" Suzy at the legendary nightspots Studio 54 and Chippendales! How freaking cute are these!!

Click the images to enlarge

Thanks to MaryAnn McMahon for sharing these!
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Have fun and be safe!

From Lil Suzy and the webmasters of Lil Suzy's Paradise.


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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Site Update: "Randy" added to Audio section & LilSuzyTV!

"Randy" has just been added to the tune widget in the Audio section and to Lil Suzy TV! Most people always think of "Take Me In Your Arms" as Lil Suzy's 1st single but the fact is "Randy" was her very first single released on LP in 1987. "Little" Suzy (as she was known back then) was signed to Fever Records, which released the freestyle track "Randy" when she was only eight years old. For those of you who have never heard this rare track before, you are in for a big treat! Enjoy!

Listen to "Randy":
AUDIO section on the tune widget (The song is cut due to file size)
VIDEO section or Lil Suzy TV (You Tube) (Full Version of the song in video form with photo)

8 year old Lil Suzy (click image to enlarge)

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Poll #1: What is your favorite Lil Suzy album?

The poll is located on the sidebar on the right hand side. Scroll down and place your VOTE NOW! (Poll is closed. See results below.)

Which is your fave?
June 24, 2009
Final Results:
Love Can't Wait 21 (40%)
Back To Dance 2 (3%)
Life Goes On 6 (11%)
Paradise 23 (44%)
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lil Suzy Interview Flashback! 2007

As we all know by now, Lil Suzy is currently expecting her second child, a baby boy. Just thought it would be great to read a 2007 interview that was given exclusively to Celebrity back when Lil Suzy was expecting her first child, Angelica. Click the Celebrity Baby Blog logo below for a Flashback to 2007!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lil Suzy's Pregnancy #2 Pics on Myspace!

Lil Suzy has just uploaded a few never before seen photos of her second pregnancy on her myspace page. As most of you know, she is currently expecting her second child, a baby boy, who she will name Marc Anthony. Also posted on the page are new pictures of her with her first born, Angelica Juliet. Click the image to the left and check them out!
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Responses, Collaborators & "Dance Tonight"

The sneak peeks and preview clips of Lil Suzy's "Dance Tonight" have been gaining great positive feedback since it's debut on La'Radio on Wednesday. Lil Suzy's loyal myspace followers are very excited about the upcoming digital release and are looking forward to June 18th, when they'll be able to dance tonight on their ipods and mp3 players. From fans to DJ's, the positive comments and messages left on Lil Suzy's myspace prove that there is lots of interest in this song!

The song was written by dance and freestyle recording artist Jonelle and was recorded in March. Jonelle is known for her freestyle and dance floor tracks, "Unforgivable", "When I'm With You", "Fantasy" and her upcoming, "You Got That". Back in March, Jonelle posted a little teaser about the collaboration with Lil Suzy on her myspace blog:

"Lil Suzy is going to record a song that I wrote for her, called "Dance Tonight". We are going into the studio this weekend to record it. I'm so excited!"

Music production on the song was done by DJ, Remixer and Producer, DJ Dan Ski who has worked with other artists such as Stefanie Bennett and Jonelle. He specializes in Electronica, Dance and Club. On his official site back in February, DJ Dan Ski mentioned the then upcoming collaboration with Lil Suzy:

"The other big project that I am working on is ... Lil Suzy's new song!!! Yes, Lil Suzy will be recording a new song in mid to late March. It's very dancey, and very hot. Keep your ears open for it."

Yes, with all of the great responses that Lil Suzy has been getting, this collaboration has proved to make for one hot track!

Click images to link to their official sites.

Update: Yesterday, DJ Dan Ski posted his experience working on "Dance Tonight" on his myspace blog. Here is an excerpt:

"Lil Suzy's new single "Dance Tonight" is being released, and I just have to say that it was a pleasure and an honor to work on the song with her. It's amazing to me (still) that it was less than a year ago that this song was just an idea ... a beat/instrumental on my computer."
Click here to
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Dance Tonight" Promo Spot Now on Lil Suzy TV!

We have just uploaded the "Dance Tonight" promo spot we created on You Tube! Make sure you watch the promo in HD! Feel free to embed or link the video to your myspace or blog. That's what it's there for - to promote Lil Suzy's new single! Enjoy!

You can view the promo by visiting our video section here or by visiting Lil Suzy's Official You Tube Channel, Lil Suzy TV.

Click image above to visit the Video section


Click image above to visit Lil Suzy TV

You can also watch it on the Lil Suzy tune widget by clicking on the video tab. The widget is located in the AUDIO section.

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Did you miss the "Dance Tonight" debut on La'Radio last night?

If so, be sure not to miss it TONIGHT! La' Radio is giving listeners more chances to hear the full version of the song before its release! You can catch it WEEKDAY EVENINGS at 7PM Eastern Time for a limited time only! Don't miss it!

Click on the La' logo to visit La'!

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Hey Lil Suzy Fans - Let's Stay Connected!

Have you joined Lil Suzy's Paradise?

This site uses Google Friend Connect, which is an online service that allows our visitors to join and 'follow' our site. To join, click the 'Follow' button on the right side of any page where it says 'Join and Follow Lil Suzy's Paradise'. You will also be able to engage with other fans. So what are you waiting for? Let's show Suzanne how many fans are visiting her official website! All you myspace, facebook and twitter folks...come on in!

While you are at it, be sure to subscribe to our site through live feed. That way, you will always have the latest Lil Suzy news and site updates at your fingertips. The links used to subscribe are at the bottom right of each page.

Thanks for staying connected to Lil Suzy's Paradise! The official website of Lil Suzy.

CLICK HERE for more info on Google Friend Connect.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The "Dance Tonight" Countdown Begins!

It's four weeks until Lil Suzy's new single,"Dance Tonight", is released on iTunes! In the meantime, we have added a preview clip of the song to the tune widget located in the AUDIO section, as well as on Lil Suzy's official MYSPACE! So, if you missed the debut of the song on La' Radio earlier this evening, you'll still be able to get a little taste of what you missed!

Also, sometime tomorrow the promo spot that we created to promote the new single will be uploaded to Lil Suzy's You Tube Channel, LIL SUZY TV! You'll be able to view the promo here as well so stay tuned!

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Exciting News! "Dance Tonight" Debuts Tonight on La' Radio!

First you took her in your arms...
Then you promised you'd never leave her...
Then she made you fall in love...
and you couldn't get her out of your mind...

and now she's back to make you wanna...

Lil Suzy's new single "Dance Tonight"
will be debuting on
TONIGHT at 7PM Eastern Time!
Don't miss it!

Click above and get ready to dance tonight!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Lil Suzy and S.A.L. Booking Info

Lil Suzy is managed by The La' Entertainment Booking Agency.

As well as performing solo, Suzanne has also been performing in a show with fellow artists Angel (The Original Cover Girl) and Lisette Melendez since 2004. As "S.A.L.", the trio tour the U.S. in a great show which features many of their individual classic hits. Three legendary Freestyle Divas all performing all of their greatest hits together on one stage!




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Site Update: Lil Suzy Audio and Video!

Check out the updated Audio section of the site where we've just uploaded 17 tracks for your listening pleasure to our Lil Suzy tune widget. We chose songs from different eras of Lil Suzy's recording career, so there is something for everyone...Dance, Freestyle and Pop! The widget that stores these tracks for us also contains lots of little tabs which include info, photos, videos and more. Also, as the release date of Lil Suzy's new single ("Dance Tonight") draws near, we will add a little preview clip of the song once we get the go ahead! So stay tuned!

The Video section is where you will find easy access to all the videos on Lil Suzy TV (Lil Suzy's You Tube Channel). Included are music videos, live performance clips, interviews and fan made videos. Stay tuned to this section as we will be uploading a little "Dance Tonight" promo spot video using a little preview clip of the song to promote the new single...once we get the green light of course! Lil Suzy TV...All Suzanne...All The Time!
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

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Interviews From the Past on Lil Suzy TV

LIL SUZY TV - "Interviews"
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Lil Suzy TV...All Suzanne...All the Time!

LIL SUZY TV - "Lil Suzy Videos"

LIL SUZY TV - "Lil Suzy Live!"

LIL SUZY TV - "Interviews"

LIL SUZY TV - "Fan Made Videos"

Visit Lil Suzy's Official You Tube Channel, Lil Suzy TV!
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Freestyle Fury 2009 Interview with Lil Suzy

Be sure to check out the official myspace of the Freestyle Fury 2009 concert event to listen to an exclusive audio interview with Lil Suzy!


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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Let's Get Everyone to "Dance Tonight" This Summer!

You too can be part of Lil Suzy's promo team by spreading the word on Lil Suzy's upcoming digital single "Dance Tonight"! Below you will find all the images you need to help promote the new track on your myspace, blog or other website. Click on the promo images to enlarge, save to your computer and upload them to your site of choice. You can add them to your profile, send them as comments or email them to friends. Let's get everyone to "Dance Tonight" this summer! CLICK HERE to read more about the new single!

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