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Fan Reviews/Comments of "Dance Tonight"

Below are recent fan reviews and comments from various sources regarding Lil Suzy's latest single, "Dance Tonight".

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Love it!! As always, Suzanne delivers!!
Freddy and John - LSP webmasters, New York (source: la-entertainment messageboard)

This is a great addition to Lil Suzy!!! Her newest recent single!! Great usage of vocals! She's been singing huge hits since the age of 12 and she's still going strong! I luv this song and Lil Suzy! She has a bright future also because of the fact that she is still young! Well all in all, this song warms my heart juts to know that she is still driving forward with her bright career. I hope she will release many more singles as the years go on, as they did back in the day when "Tale me In Your Arms" was the freestyle dance hit of all time! I hope you all agree!
Eli Hernandez (source: itunes)

Still young and explosive. You are a burst of fresh air. Love your new single. Keep on making that fire mama.
Unique Entertainment (source: myspace)

Love, Love, Love Dance Tonight!! As Usual!! Keep doin what u do Mami!!! Can't wait for you to come back to the Detroit area!!! Much luv!!!
Stacey, Detroit, MI (source: myspace)

Amazing! Lil Suzy has done it again! She never fails to make you wanna dance! This is a GREAT track for the summer! Highly recommended to everyone who loves Dance music! If you feel like dancing you have to buy this song!
Johnjohntee, Yonkers, NY (source: itunes)

Hello...hello! How are you? I hope all is well. I did purchase your song "Dance Tonight" on itunes. You did a great job! Keep up the great work! Freestyle Forever!
Always & Forever (source: myspace)

I got it! Sounds Great! Love your Music!
John August "Weekends" on 101.9 The Wolf (source: myspace)

Awesome!! I have been a fan since her first single and with every album or single she releases, she never disappoints and gets better and better!! Believe me, you'll be happy to buy this track! I can't get enough of listening to this song! I got the priviledge to hear it back in March and I loved what I heard and I love it even more now!! Dance fans will not be disappointed! Lil Suzy Rocks!
Freddyjunior, Yonkers, NY (source: itunes)

I so love the new song. Keep doing what you do because you do it well!
Meli D (source: myspace)

I like your new song. It's hot!!!
Julie V (source: myspace)

I bought it and I love it!!!!!!!!Anything you do is amazing!!!! There is not even one song of yours that I dont like.. I like them allll!!!
Kelly Nahra, Michigan (source: myspace)

I really love your new single, and congrats on being a mom again. Hope everything goes well with you. You are a talented and lovely singer. Keep up the great work.
Erin (source: myspace)

Luv the new song!!! It's a hit!!
Mizzz Villa (source: myspace)

I just got dance tonight. I played it more then 10 times. It has a good beat to it. love the words. 1-10, I give it a 100.
Maricely Sanabria (source: myspace)

Love your new single, I can definitely hear that being played in the clubs.
Yudi Delgado (source: myspace)

I'm feeling your new song! That's hot! Keep freestyle alive!
buttarican8, Bronx, New York (source: myspace)

I love your new song!!! There's nothing better than some Lil Suzy!
Nichole, Michigan (source: myspace)

I love it! Thanks!!!
Jeanette Burgos (source: facebook)

I got it and I love it!
Noel Plaza (source: facebook)

Your new song is too cute! Loving it!
PHreestyleGurl, Texas (source: myspace)

I'm lovin' ya new song! U rock! Keep up the good music! Love ya!
Annmarie Ramos, New Jersey (source: myspace)

Just bought it! Was bumping it on my way home!
Ruben Santos (source: facebook)

Holaaaaa!! I have it!! Me encanta tu nuevo tema, Suzy!! Besos desde EspaƱa!!
Alexis, Barcelona, Spain (source: myspace)

Definitely a Great Track!!
Carlos "DJ Eskimo" Perez (source: facebook)

I own all of Lil Suzy's cd's and am very familiarized with her music. This song has freestyle roots and it's very catchy. She's such a fabulous singer. Without a doubt this is one of her best songs.
Cielo, Chicago, IL (source: amazon)

It's mine! The song is wonderful! I've had it on repeat all morning!
Christoffer (source: myspace)

I love the song! I just bought mine today! It's ten times better on full blast!! I love it! I been telling everyone about it!! Best of luck!!
The Liberation Baby (source: myspace)

I finally have your new song DANCE TONIGHT from itunes! Man, I'm loving it!! I hear it every single day! Oh and I have it as my profile song, well it's the sample from your page. I'M LOVING IT!!!
Ivan Salgado (source: myspace)

Just downloaded "Dance Tonight" I love it. When are you coming to perform in Miami? We had the Freestyle Extravaganza here last weekend and you weren't there
Sergcanes (source: youtube)

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Mrs Leija said...

Re; Dance Tonight...I finally got to hear the song, and I have to say that it wasn't what I expected. It was better, and I loved it! It's positively a seller.
Angel Baby - San Antonio, Tx

Anonymous said...

LORD knows how YOU'VE Touched many of US with your Voice! Keep it up SUZY! You Still have OLD fans Such As This one Freestyle FREAK! God Bless You & Yours Always Suzy!
* Cookie *

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