Friday, May 15, 2009

Are You Ready To "Dance Tonight"?

Lil Suzy will be releasing her brand new single, "Dance Tonight" as a digital release on iTunes on Thursday, June 18th! Let's spread the word Lil Suzy fans! All you have to do is save the "Dance Tonight" ad image below to your pc, then add it to your myspace profile or use it as a comment and spread the word!

"Dance Tonight" was written by Freestyle and Dance recording artist Jonelle. This is what Lil Suzy had to say about the song in a recent post she made on her myspace blog:

"I think it's such a great track. Its very dancey without straying too far away from the "Lil Suzy" sound you all know and love. It's such a catchy tune and perfect for the summer! That's why we are waiting till June to put it out. It will be available through itunes and on my myspace page. I will be posting a lil teaser clip for you guys in the next few weeks. I really hope you guys love it!"

We had the honor and pleasure of hearing an advance copy of the song and guys will LOVE IT! will have the Exclusive Sneak Peek of the song very soon, so keep your ears tuned in to La'Radio!

We at Lil Suzy's Paradise are in the process of creating a little promo spot video to promote the single on Lil Suzy's official YouTube Channel, LilSuzyTV. It will coincide with the Sneak Peek clip of the song on her myspace. So stay tuned!

Special thanks go out to Lil Suzy for deciding to use our "Dance Tonight" cover art to submit to iTunes and other retailers as the official single cover! We are honored!!! XO :)

Let's get ready to Dance Tonight!!
Freddy & John 
(LSP webmasters)
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