Sunday, May 24, 2009

Site Update: "Randy" added to Audio section & LilSuzyTV!

"Randy" has just been added to the tune widget in the Audio section and to Lil Suzy TV! Most people always think of "Take Me In Your Arms" as Lil Suzy's 1st single but the fact is "Randy" was her very first single released on LP in 1987. "Little" Suzy (as she was known back then) was signed to Fever Records, which released the freestyle track "Randy" when she was only eight years old. For those of you who have never heard this rare track before, you are in for a big treat! Enjoy!

Listen to "Randy":
AUDIO section on the tune widget (The song is cut due to file size)
VIDEO section or Lil Suzy TV (You Tube) (Full Version of the song in video form with photo)

8 year old Lil Suzy (click image to enlarge)

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