Monday, May 18, 2009

Site Update: Lil Suzy Audio and Video!

Check out the updated Audio section of the site where we've just uploaded 17 tracks for your listening pleasure to our Lil Suzy tune widget. We chose songs from different eras of Lil Suzy's recording career, so there is something for everyone...Dance, Freestyle and Pop! The widget that stores these tracks for us also contains lots of little tabs which include info, photos, videos and more. Also, as the release date of Lil Suzy's new single ("Dance Tonight") draws near, we will add a little preview clip of the song once we get the go ahead! So stay tuned!

The Video section is where you will find easy access to all the videos on Lil Suzy TV (Lil Suzy's You Tube Channel). Included are music videos, live performance clips, interviews and fan made videos. Stay tuned to this section as we will be uploading a little "Dance Tonight" promo spot video using a little preview clip of the song to promote the new single...once we get the green light of course! Lil Suzy TV...All Suzanne...All The Time!
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