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Lil Suzy Interview Flashback! Lil Suzy's 2004

We are in the process of setting up new questions for a new interview with Lil Suzy. In the meantime, enjoy this little interview we conducted with her back in early 2004. Stay tuned for more interview flashbacks!

January, 2004

LSP: Hi Suzanne, thanks for taking time out from your schedule for another interview. To begin, many fans want to know if will you be releasing an album in 2004?

Lil Suzy: Well guys, I’m working on a great project with two other artists. I can't tell you anymore till its done. Hee,hee,hee. It's a surprise!

LSP: If an album will be released in 2004 or in the future, what can your fans expect from it?

Lil Suzy: I will always incorporate freestyle on my albums. I love dance music and that to me is freestyle, Euro, House and all that other good stuff.

LSP: On your Greatest Hits album you co-wrote the three newer songs (Sweet Lies, So Lonely and Back in Your Arms) which were great, are you writing or co-writing any of your new material?

Lil Suzy: Yes, I will be co-writing more material. I just did one with Adam Marano that is untitled as of now. I like writing. I didn't think I was ever really good, but Adam helps me and he understands my ideas and he knows what I'm trying to express.

LSP: You have a big following with freestyle music fans, do you think they would stick by you if you ever chose to broaden your scope and chose to conquer another type of music genre? (For example, Pop, R and B) Well, we can answer this one for you…if they were true fans they would stick by you!

Lil Suzy: Hey, who knows? Pink did it well. I’m going to do what ever feels right and where you lose some, you gain others.

LSP: If you had the chance to re-record other freestyle songs that were originally sung by other freestyle artists, what songs would they be and why?

Lil Suzy: At this point in time, I wouldn't re-record any freestyle songs. Let's just leave that alone.

LSP: If you had the chance to re-record non-freestyle songs that were originally sung by non-freestyle artists, what songs would they be and why?

Lil Suzy: I cant tell you guys that! Someone might get to it before me! Hahaha. I prefer to sing original material but there are a couple I'd love to do.

LSP: Of all your songs, which is your most personal and why?

Lil Suzy: "So Lonely"… I wrote that when Marc and I were on a short break. I was not a happy camper at that time but at least I got a nice song out of it.

LSP: Being that it’s a New Year, did you make any New Year’s resolutions? If so, have you stuck by them?

Lil Suzy: No resolutions here! I’m not that kinda girl. I cant be held to something that I’m not ready to do. When I’m ready to make a change it just happens and that’s how I know its right.

LSP: What was the highlight of 2003 for you?…Why are we even asking?!…It had to be getting engaged, right?

Lil Suzy: Of course! That had to be one of the most exciting days of my life. It was a complete surprise! We always talked about getting married and we knew we were gonna be together forever but when he put that rock on my finger, it made it reality. Oh, we set the date! It’s October 1st, 2005! WOO HOO! Church on Staten Island and reception on Long Island...and now the planning begins.

LSP: Based on your experiences as a child singer, would you recommend becoming a singer at such an early age to a child who wants to sing?

Lil Suzy: Only if your parents are there to support you and travel with you. My parents didn't trust anyone and traveled with me till I was like nineteen. I asked them to lay off Hahaha. I’ve been with my road manager Latif since I was five and he always traveled with me and my parents so it was a lil easier for mom and dad to let go knowing he was watching over me. I'll be twenty-five soon and I still call my parents before I get on the plane and when I land. Then I call them when I’m done with my show. I’m very close with my parents and I don’t mind checking in.

LSP: Speaking of being a child singer, could you give us some feedback on how it was to perform on Star Search back when you were a little girl?

Lil Suzy: It was great! It was a great experience and I feel lucky that I was chosen to be on the show. I don’t like competition so I wasn’t so mortified or discouraged when I lost. I like to do my own thing. I don’t like to feel pressured and I don’t like being compared to anyone. I don’t compare myself to anyone and I never did. I’m me and I worry about Suzanne and how Suzanne feels in this business. I’m carefree and I take what life gives me and try to make the best of it.

LSP: If you weren’t “Lil Suzy” and you weren’t a singer/performer, what career path do you think you would have taken? (Other than music)

Lil Suzy: Well, I’m actually in school now to become a medical assistant. I like to be occupied and unfortunately singing is a weekend thing. Besides, I don’t think I’m gonna wanna be shaking my booty on stage when I’m older with like four kids. I’m a people person and I think I can make people feel safe and confident when I’m drawing their blood, giving shots and doing EKG's Hahaha. Maybe I’ll go on to become a nurse. I love to learn. I was thinking, I can sing to my patients and do their nails too...Hahaha Oh God! I love animals too. I'd be a vet but I’m allergic to most furry animals. Bowie doesn't shed so I can handle him. There are a few breeds like him. I always donate to the Bide-a-wee foundation for homeless animals. Marc and I want to have lots of hypoallergenic puppies…Hahaha. He’s an animal lover too!

LSP: In your entire music career, is there anything that you have ever regretted or anything that you would have done differently?

Lil Suzy: The cover of my greatest hits...Ugh! I approved the picture but not all the damned airbrushing! I cried! Not my best pic. They changed the shape of my face! It looks like a pie. My eyes are smaller along with my nose and my lips are all pouty. Other than that, I have no regrets. Everything happens for a reason and I have a great life and a nice lil career.

LSP: We know from your last interview with us, that you had once auditioned for the Broadway show “Rent”… Have you any plans to audition for another show?

Lil Suzy: Nope. Its not my bag baby.

LSP: With the popularity of the recent wave of reality TV shows, would you ever consider trying to get on one? Maybe, “A Wedding Story” on the cable channel TLC? That would be great for you and Marc!

Lil Suzy: I probably would if I were asked. It’s not something I would go and look for though. Wedding story! I love it! Marc is sooo shy. He'd kill me. I think he'd melt in front of a camera. He turns bright red! The wedding should be interesting. He’s not into crowds and he’s not used to people staring at him. I do it for a living so I’m used to it. I'm hoping he wont faint at the altar!

LSP: We know that you are always on the road performing at different events, do you prefer to perform at large venues/events or do you prefer to perform in a smaller more intimate setting?

Lil Suzy: The bigger the better. I love the energy.

LSP: Whose music CD’s could we find in your CD player right now?

Lil Suzy: Nikelback, Out Kast, Bad Boy Bill 1 and 2, Planet Freestyle.

LSP: And now for a few silly questions! What’s your favorite color? Favorite food? Favorite time of year? Favorite Movie? Favorite TV show?

Lil Suzy: Purple, I'm addicted to TGI Fridays Jack Daniel's shrimp with mashed potatoes and Oreo madness for dessert. I love the summer! I have many faves... lets see... Every Jim Carrey movie, Babe, Caveman, Old School, Made, Bram Stokers Dracula, all of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. I like Everybody loves Raymond, Autopsy, Emergency Vets, Maternity Ward...stuff like that.

LSP: Thanks Suzanne for answering all of these nosey questions...Hahaha. You’re great. We want to wish you all of the best in 2004. Oh, wait a minute…how can we forget the question that is on all of your fans minds! When is “Bowie” releasing his next album? Hahaha. We heard that he’s going to be interviewed by Barbara Walters! How is Bowie anyway?

Lil Suzy: Bowie isn’t doing any interviews right now. He’s laying low. He has writers block and is just enjoying his time with his Sponge Bob pillow. Hahaha.

Suzanne Shout Outs: Everyone who visits this site.... Of course Freddy and John for being my angels. My new God daughter Victoria and my 1st God daughter Alexus. My cousin Josie my hair girl and (Victoria’s mom), Latif, Angel, Adam Marano, Victor Franco, Elissa, Ben Calcaterra, Tony Monaco, My parents and Brothers and of course my future Husband Marc Melone

Lil Suzy's 2004

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