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Lil Suzy Interview Flashback! Lil Suzy's Paradise 2002

An all new interview with Lil Suzy is on its way, but in the meantime, enjoy this little interview we conducted with her back in the summer of 2002.

August, 2002

LSP: Hi Suzanne! First off, we would like to thank you for your compliments on your site. We are so glad you like it. What is your favorite thing about the site?

Lil Suzy: I love the pictures! I’m a picture person. I love to see what people wear, how their hair is. Stuff like that.

LSP: Who has been your greatest supporter during the last ten years?

Lil Suzy: Besides my parents and road manager, Latif? Hmm…That’s hard to say. My fans have been very loyal. I can tell by record sales, frequent shows and packed venues.

LSP: You’ve been making records for over ten years, do you feel any different towards the music industry now as to when you first started?

Lil Suzy: It gets harder every year. Music changes so much and it's hard to keep my sound new and up to date and try to please my fans from when I first started. For some reason, with Freestyle music, it’s like a catastrophe if we try to venture out a bit and see what other styles we are capable of and crossing over. What people fail to realize is that, let’s say I come out with something a bit more pop influenced…I will keep freestyle songs on my album and it can help the music expand to a new fan base of people who don’t know what freestyle is. Understand? It’s hard to explain.

LSP: How do you feel about the promotion of Freestyle and Dance music?

Lil Suzy: It sucks! There is not enough money in smaller labels releasing freestyle, which is a big part of why this music isn’t as bid as it should be. Bigger labels can put out a crappy record and it will explode because you hear so much about it and the artist...Videos, TV commercials, print ads, radio spots, promotional tours…See? I know many artists that sing great and have that star quality about them. We just don’t have the financial backing, I think. Unfortunately, money is a huge part of success in this business.

LSP: What advice would you give to someone who wanted a career in music?

Lil Suzy: It’s very hard. You have to be a strong person to deal with the unstability that comes with the business, along with the critism, many nights away from home, being prejudged socially by people not in the business and so on. Otherwise, I say sing and dance away and you can get further than you think. You need to have a good team behind you and be involved in the decision making also.

LSP: Who are you favorite freestyle or dance artists and why?

Lil Suzy: Of course all the freestyle legends such as George Lamond, TKA, Judy Torres, Cynthia, Angel Clivilles…all of whom I’ve been performing with since I was 8 years old. When my first single came out, “Randy”, I was their opening act at many NYC clubs. I was signed to The Cover Girls and Nayobe’s label, so I did tons of shows with them and learned a lot from watching them. I’ll tell you this…all of these artists are nice people too! We do shows together all around the country and no one has changed. I luv ‘em all.

LSP: Who are your favorite non-freestyle performers of all time and why?

Lil Suzy: Madonna of course! Janet Jackson, ya know! Every singers idols.

LSP: What artists have inspired your sexy image on stage?

Lil Suzy: No one really. I try not to look like everyone else. My mom always helped me. I need her opinion first cause she’s honest. I like to do more of the glam thing. I feel like while I’m on stage, it’s my time to dress sexy. I don’t feel comfy doing the jeans thing that I do everyday of my life for stage. Everyone’s different. I like to think as ‘Lil Suzy’ as my alter ego. She’s fearless, fun and wild. Hahaha.

LSP: Where is your favorite place to perform?

Lil Suzy: Canada, Texas and Cali. Freestyle’s huge in those particular areas. The energy is high and the love is immense.

LSP: How do you feel when you are on stage?

Lil Suzy: I feel happy! I can have the crappiest day and when I hear the crowd singing and clapping, it makes my crappy day worth while.

LSP: In your entire career, did you ever get a case of stage fright?

Lil Suzy: Hmm, I’ve never freaked out and froze or anything. Star Search made me nervous and when I auditiond for the play, “Rent”, I thought I was gonna die! I did real well singing. I made it to the second song, then I hit a part that I forgot and started cracking up laughing. I had to audition with some guy playing the piano and I never did that before so I got nervous and said, “This isn’t me.” I was overwhelemed because the ten women in front of me were asked to leave in like thirty seconds into the song. I was like, “Oh great! I’m gonna last five seconds.” These women all had experience and were used to auditions for other Broadway shows. I felt proud that I made it through the two songs, pretty much.

LSP:When will be releasing another full length album and what type of music will you be recording?

Lil Suzy: My roots will remain freestyle. I love all dance music and will stay in that vein. I’m not sure when though.

LSP: Will we be seeing a Suzanne video for any upcoming singles?

Lil Suzy: I’d love too. It will be a condition in which the new company has to provide with my next deal.

LSP: What producers of any artists in the industry would you like to work with someday?

Lil Suzy: Anyone that I feel meshes mell with my style and vocal capabilities. Established or not. Dark Child is cool. Todd Terry, Jimmy Jam.

LSP: What ever happened to the song, “From the Inside”? Will it be released?

Lil Suzy: I’m very pissed about that single. I don’t know if it will ever be released. It was supposed to be out October 2001, so that tells you that! What a waste of a great record. I had high hopes for it.

LSP: Will “Just a Freak” featuring Stephanie be released anytime soon?

Lil Suzy: There’s another heartache. See what I mean about this business? I hate feeling like I’ve wasted my time. It’s very discouraging.

LSP: Do you enjoy recording duets?

Lil Suzy: It’s okay. I don’t really like recording with other people at the same time. I like it to just be the producer and myself. I need to concentrate and not feel funny if I hit a bad note or am taking too long to finish a verse.

LSP: I f you could perform a duet with any artist in the entire world, who would it be and why?

Lil Suzy: Marc Anthony. His voice, his writing and his passion. That says it all.

LSP: What record company are you currently with?

Lil Suzy: I am unsigned as of now.

LSP: Do you still run Empress Records?

Lil Suzy: Nope. Too much stress. I’m an artist, not a business woman. I’ve closed the salon too. I found out the hard way. Hahaha.

LSP: Of all your songs, which are your all time favorites and which are your absolute worst favorites and why?

Lil Suzy: I will not comment on the ones I hate as not to offend the producers/writers… Hahaha. I’ve loved Till the End of Time, Don’t Let This Feeling End, Real Love, Take Me, Promise Me. Basically anything that Victor Franco produced and wrote. Such a talented man.

LSP: What CD’s by other artists have you currently bought or have been listening to recently?

Lil Suzy: Craig David, Nikelback, Rich Luzzi, Linkin Park, DJ Encore, J.Lo, Ashanti, Marc Anthony.

LSP: Would you ever consider acting? If so, what type of movie would you consider doing?

Lil Suzy: I’d consider it. I’m not comfortable speaking. Hahaha. It’s weird. I’d do a horror flick. I wanna play a vampire so bad…if I had the chance.

LSP: Is it difficult running a business and performing on the road? How do you handle that?

Lil Suzy: I hate it. Too much for my lil head. I need to concentrate on one thing and that’s how it is right now.

LSP: Many male fans would like to know, are you currently dating anyone special?

Lil Suzy: I’ve had a boyfriend for almost seven years! We broke up for a few months while I did the Greatest Hits album. Hence, my inspiration to write those three new songs. He was good for something during our time apart. Hahaha. We lost our way for a bit but true love never dies and will always bring you together… if it’s meant to be.

LSP: What do you do to unwind in your spare time?

Lil Suzy: I love going to movies. I’ve just seen Halloween, Austin Powers and Signs. I love going out and having a few cosmos with the girls and of course spending time with my my boyfriend Marc.

LSP: What are your goals for the next couple of years?

Lil Suzy: Some more albums. Hopefully a top ten single. Marriage, babies. Ahhhh! So much to do do! Hahaha.

LSP: What one thing would you like your fans to know that no one knows?

Lil Suzy: That’s hard. Not many people know about all my tattoos. I have five now and the one on my hip, no one sees. It’s usually covered. It’s a black and turquoise Onk. The egyptian symbol for royalty and eternal life. I have one on my ankle too! My most recent is the fairy on the side of my right ankle.

LSP: What is the craziest of funniest thing a fan has ever said or done to you?

Lil Suzy: I had a female impersonator impersonate me… and “Are your boobs real?” They are. Hahaha.

LSP: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer these nosey questions Hahaha! Keep up the great work and the great music! What last thing would you like to say to your fans?

Lil Suzy: Thank you soooo much. I don’t know what else to say that doesn’t sound like what everyone says to their fans. Just that they help me live my dream. I’ve seen and done so much because of them and I appreciate them. You especially, Freddy and John…I’m honored by this site and your dedication to keeping it beautiful and current.

I wanna give a shout!! Hahaha…To my cousin Josephine who’s been hookin’ up my hair for shows and dealing with me changing the color every week! My sexy poodle Bowie! He’s eight now and he’s the best baby in the world. I love my doggie so much. He’s the one who knows ALL the dirt on me and he’ll never tell! Hahaha. I’m a bit nutty when it comes to him. Too bad he’s so huge or I would take him to venues with me. Hahaha.

Lil Suzy's Paradise 2002

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