Thursday, May 28, 2009

Message From Lil Suzy's Webmasters

Below is a bulletin that we (the webmasters of LSP) posted on Lil Suzy's myspace earlier today. We thought it was fitting for everyone to read, not only her myspace friends but also fans who visit this site as well.

Hi Lil Suzy Fans,
It's great the amount of feedback and comments that Lil Suzy gets when she posts things about her personal life, for example: her new baby, what she's having for dinner, when she is taking a nap etc etc...She can change her status to "Eating chinese" or "Taking a nap" and you'd be surprised how everyone jumps on board and starts discussing that nap! LOL! She really appreciates your interests in her daily life and loves to share that with all of you. But where are the comments about her NEW music? Isn't that why we are all really here on her myspace to support her in her MUSIC? Before "Dance Tonight" was released, everyone would send these comments to her saying that they can't wait for her song to be released etc etc...But now that it is released she'd love to know who is buying her new song, what people think of the new song and any other comments that relate to the new song. So come on folks, let her know, and let's start talking music again especially now that the single is released. She'd love to hear your feedback!! : )

Freddy & John
Lil Suzy's Official Webmasters


The above referenced her myspace page but the same goes for her official site. Comments on this site would be appreciated as well. Let us all know what you think of her new song, this site , the posts etc : )

Thanks guys!
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