Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You Too Can Be Part of Lil Suzy's "Dance Tonight" Promo Team!

Because the release date of "Dance Tonight" was pushed up to May, there might be some confusion as to some fans still thinking that the original release date is June 18th (as was originally planned and promoted). But you can help spread the word that Lil Suzy's new single has been officially released and is ready for fans to purchase and enjoy NOW!

Below you will find all the images you need to help promote the release of the single on your myspace, blog or other website. Click on the promo images to enlarge, save to your computer and upload them to your site of choice. You can add them to your profile, send them as comments or email them to friends. So come on, let's get everyone to "Dance Tonight" this summer!

Click images to enlarge and save.
Thanks for spreading the word!
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