Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Setting the Record Straight: "In A Dream"

For some reason, many folks on You Tube, Myspace and other social networks believe the song "In A Dream" is by Lil Suzy, even to the point where they create Lil Suzy fan megamix videos including the song. The song "In a Dream" was never sung or recorded by Lil Suzy. It was a hit single that was released in 1997 by fellow freestyle and dance music artist Rockell. Fans often leave comments saying "Hi Suzy, I love your 'In A Dream' song." How that started is a mystery. The song was originally recorded by a girl group called, 'Emotion in Motion', then by Freestyle artist Josette and then by Rockell. Above is Rockell's CD single cover and below are links to finally prove that "In a Dream" (which is a really great song, by the way) is not Lil Suzy's song.

Rockell at Wikipedia
"In A Dream" by Rockell
"In A Dream" by Josette
Info on 'Emotion in Motion'
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theRockstar said...

I LOVE ROCKELL!!!! but Josette made that song true freestyle. where did she go???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hate that! Just like how everyone thinks Angelina sang Angel Baby!! Ummm...NO! U Rock Suz!

Anonymous said...

Yeeaaahh!! Wooohooooo! Magic's greatest secrets revealed! Oh wait I meant freestyle's greatest confusions revealed!

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